When you can't wait to get started in the spring garden, a good task to undertake is pruning. Most trees and shrubs benefit from annual pruning. It keep them in shape, gets rid of dead and diseased wood and encourages new growth. But not all trees and shrubs should be pruned early, especially some of the flowering ones.
Early spring bloomers set their flower buds the fall before. Pruning them early in the spring would mean losing some blossoms and is one of the most common answers to "Why don't my plants bloom?.
Most of the time this is not what you want. However there are exceptions. It’s often easier to prune when you can see the shape of the plant, before the branches are masked by leaves. Trees and shrubs that are in need of a good shaping could sacrifice a few blooms to be invigorated by a spring pruning.​

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​​​We highly recommend hiring an expert tree cutting service or arborist to cut your tree for you​. Cutting down a mature tree can be a dangerous thing to do, so it should be handled by properly trained and equipped professionals whenever possible.

Cutting down a tree is hard work, but not many people know what kind of work is involved in removing a tree stump after the tree has been chopped down. In fact, the removal of the stump in many cases is more difficult than the cutting of the tree. Because tree stumps are so buried and heavily rooted in the ground, it can often take a great deal of time and effort to dig deep enough to get the stump out. While many people are familiar with the contracted service of tree removal, tree stump removal is often only included in professional tree removal for a hefty price. The stump removal is most often left up to the customer. If you have a stump that you would like to have removed, then stump grinding is definitely the most reliable solution for you.

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​When a tree develops problems, it is frequently difficult to decide when to remove the tree. Dying trees that are not in danger of falling on people or structures can be allowed to die in place without human intervention. Old dead trees also serve as places for various species of wood peckers to find food and a place to nest. If money is no object and the owner wants to keep the tree as long as possible, trees can frequently be maintained for many years by cutting out all dead or diseased portions and watering deeply when needed. Unfortunately continually removing dead wood is expensive and sometimes neighbors are concerned about the possibility that the tree may fall on their property. Trees provide shade and climate moderation, hold soil in place, help keep air and water clean, increase property value, provide beauty. To decide whether to remove a tree, a number of questions need to be asked, the pros and cons weighed

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